Volume 6 Issue.1: 2019 Page No 1-6



Dr. Sana' Mahmoud Jarrar

Department of English Language Faculty of Educational Sciences and Arts/UNRWA P. O. Box: 541216 Postal Code: Abu-Nsair, 11937



Many authors have tackled the issue of honor crimes as a serious concern towards developing the appropriate remedies. Honor crimes have become widespread in the world, and they have been researched by several authors, feminism activists, and scholars because of the nature of the debate that has been triggered. Studies have shown that honor killings have been widespread where family members who are mainly males execute these killings because they consider that women have brought shame to the family. Honor crimes have been observed in different parts of the world, but more prevalent in Europe, Asia, North America and some parts of Africa. Feminist authors have been in the forefront in undertaking campaigns that are designed to stop honor killings that unfairly target women and girls. The paper will tackle the depiction of honour crimes in some renowned feminist novels. These novels include: Love Like Blood by Mark Billingham, Burned Alive by Souad, Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri, and Unto the Daughters by Karen Tintori.

Keywords: Honor, Crime, Patriarchy, Culture, Unjustifiable